Friday, July 8, 2011

harry potter

this is my childhood. the thing i would go to when i was upset, angry, happy, confused, frustrated, overcome with joy, sad, miserable, and when i needed a friend. i felt safe at hogwarts. i felt strong with harry, ron, and hermione by my side. i felt elated every time fred and george made a joke. i felt happy when dumbledore praised harry. i felt loved when the weasleys never abandoned Harry. i felt so miserable when Sirius died. i felt upset when harry's parents died. i felt relief when ron and hermione finally got together. i felt sympathy when malfoy didn't know what to choose his family or his home. i felt proud when i knew snape was always a good guy. i felt complete when harry defeated voldemort. i felt magical every time i read Harry Potter, saw Harry Potter. it's more than just a book. it's more than just a story. it's more than just a movie. it's an era. it's my childhood. it always will be.

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