Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 1 - Aleks' Cookies

As he enjoyed that last chocolate chip cookie, Aleks admired his resilience in getting that entire cookie jar. He thought, albeit in simple terms, about all the struggle it took to capture the jar of goodness and triumphantly hold it in his hands. It began when Aleks looked up and saw the shiny counter, mocking him as his yearned for the cookie jar. He reached up, his pudgy little toddler arms barely rising above his head, and swiped at the counter, missing it by a mile. His shoulders sank and his grin turned into a frown. Aleks jumped, as high as his small body could take him, and instead of grabbing the cookie jar, he grabbed a vase of sunflowers. The vase fell to the flower and crashed with a loud noise that frightened Aleks. He heard the dog barking from the living room and the sound of footsteps trudging down the stairs. But Aleks didn’t care. He tried again, careful not to step in the shards of a now broken vase, but failed to reach the jar. His mother came up behind him, grabbing him by the waist and hoisting him into a high chair. She quickly cleaned up the glass, muttering to herself, and was clearly irritated by her less-then-well-behaved son. She walked over to Aleks, her face violently red, and gave him a hard slap across the cheek. The area stung and Aleks couldn’t help but cry while his mother said something. He couldn’t understand her and his eyes were too full of tears to even look at her. He didn’t know what he did wrong; all he wanted were some cookies. Was it the vase? He didn’t know. His mother huffed angrily and lifted him out of the high chair, gave him a stern look, and pointed towards the play pen in the living room. She walked out, her footsteps even heavier than before, and sighed. Aleks tiptoed back to the counter, careful not to make a sound. As he turned the corner, into the kitchen, he spotted a step-stool in the bathroom. Something came to him--he was not sure what--and he grabbed the step-stool and ran as fast as he could to the counter. Aleks put the stool down on the kitchen mat and stepped onto it. There it was! The cookie jar! Gleaming, as though it were a trophy, the cookie jar looked like it was waiting for Aleks to claim it. He grabbed it, chuckling with glee, and wrapped both arms around it and hugged it tightly. It was his prized possession for now and he was not going to let go. He stepped off the stool and sat down, landing with a soft thud. Happiness radiated from his eyes and his hands were shaking with excitement. He opened the jar and there they were. Cookies. Twenty homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting for Aleks to devour. And so he sat, eating all twenty cookies for the rest of the afternoon, bathing in their comfort and goodness, as he recounted the treacherous journey he took to get his afternoon delight.


I decided that I want to start writing one short story everyday to improve my writing skills and just to have fun.
So here goes!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

featuring the two besties and paris!

Friday, July 8, 2011

harry potter

this is my childhood. the thing i would go to when i was upset, angry, happy, confused, frustrated, overcome with joy, sad, miserable, and when i needed a friend. i felt safe at hogwarts. i felt strong with harry, ron, and hermione by my side. i felt elated every time fred and george made a joke. i felt happy when dumbledore praised harry. i felt loved when the weasleys never abandoned Harry. i felt so miserable when Sirius died. i felt upset when harry's parents died. i felt relief when ron and hermione finally got together. i felt sympathy when malfoy didn't know what to do...to choose his family or his home. i felt proud when i knew snape was always a good guy. i felt complete when harry defeated voldemort. i felt magical every time i read Harry Potter, saw Harry Potter. it's more than just a book. it's more than just a story. it's more than just a movie. it's an era. it's my childhood. it always will be.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


This blog will contain pictures, thoughts, and slight obsessions of mine. i promise things won't get too insane so just bare with me. i hope you guys enjoy my blog just as much as i will!